Review: ‘Green Inferno’ Feeds on Grindhouse Tradition
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Review: ‘Green Inferno’ Feeds on Grindhouse Tradition

“The Green Inferno” is one of the worst things I have ever seen. It’s disgusting, implausible, hateful and offensive in every possible way. You could even argue the movie is bad for society as a whole.

That being said, I loved every minute of it.

I thought long and hard trying to figure out if I had any major problems with how this film portrays certain groups of people but eventually came to the conclusion that I have no idea. Many viewers would inevitably see “The Green Inferno” as a film perpetuating ethnic stereotypes. But I can also see the argument that privileged American kids are the main target here, and the whole joke is that they are being attacked by the exact kind of stereotype they help create.

The horror genre is fascinating in that regard. It works as the razor-thin line between perpetuating and subverting offensive ideals.

The fact that “The Green Inferno” makes me think about these issues so much has to be seen as a testament to what Eli Roth has done. Beyond all of the insanely gruesome violence and twisted humor, he is at least trying to say something real, and that can be a rare thing to find in mainstream horror films.

As serious as the subtext is, though, do not mistake this for a serious film overall. If you are primarily looking for gross-out insanity that will make your grandmother hiss and splash you with holy water just for suggesting it, look no further. “The Green Inferno” packs the kind of cinematic carnage that most studios in Hollywood are afraid to touch these days. This is a hard-R splatter-fest right out of the 70s and 80s.

Deciding whether or not to see this movie is a no-brainer. Your reaction to the trailer will probably match your reaction to the movie itself.“The Green Inferno” is a brutal and shocking film for people who love brutal and shocking films.

It is exactly as advertised and scares up to 8 cannibal holocausts out of ten.


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