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A new gender-bending Sherlock has made its way to bookstore shelves.

Set in modern day London, “Lock and Mori” by Heather W. Petty gives beset the novel off of James Moriarty and Sherlock Holmes on their first case.

There’s been a murder in Regent’s Park and Lock challenges Mori to solve the mystery before he does, the only catch being they have to share every clue with each other.

Naturally, Mori does not follow through with that part.

If you go into this novel expecting the main characters to be mini versions of themselves, you’ll be shocked. In some ways they are the same, but in many they aren’t.

For starters, Mori is a girl and yes, it does lead to some romance, although love doesn’t take over the novel.

Both characters are in high school, leading Lock to make mistakes, and there are some clues he just can’t figure out. This unexpected sign of humanity is really refreshing. Even so, I pictured a mini-Benedict Cumberbatch throughout the entire novel.

Still, once I was halfway through the novel, I put it down and refused to pick it up again until I had a solid chunk of time to devote to it. If I started reading it again, I was not going to want to stop until I reached the end.

Normally I hate it when books have really fast plots, but this book needed it. Both Lock and Mori’s minds moved and calculated so fast there’s no way a slow plot could have been interesting. There would have been pages and pages in between important events and that would have been excruciating.

Petty does a marvelous job of re-crafting a popular story and will not leave readers bored. “Lock and Mori” receives a tantalizing 4 clues out of five.

Jenna Koslowski

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