Women’s Lacrosse Team Anticipating Upcoming Season
Photo courtesy of UWSP Women's Lacrosse Team Facebook page.

Women’s Lacrosse Team Anticipating Upcoming Season

The 2015 iteration of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point women’s lacrosse team heads into the upcoming season with a different set of goals and a new mindset.

As someone with a finger on the pulse of the club’s inner-workings, adviser Shannon Riha shared her observations regarding the team’s culture and cohesiveness.

“They’re doing really well. Their practices are going well. From what I’ve heard, everyone gets along well,” Riha said.

According to Riha, the women have formed close relationships with one another through their shared interest in the sport.

The team’s togetherness seems to bode well for its hopes of a successful 2015 campaign, as does the goal-oriented approach.

According to Riha, the team has two primary goals heading into the season, one of which is to participate in a tournament. After missing out on the festivities from the previous year, the team hopes to share in the competitive atmosphere of tournament play.

The team’s other primary goal, as stated by Riha, is to travel and compete against less familiar faces.

“I know they would like to play a few road games this year,” Riha said. “Last year, they only played one road game.”

By traveling to compete against other teams from different parts of the state, the team hopes to establish lasting connections for its future participants.


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