Student Television Begins New Year Looking to Expand
Photo by Jenna Koslowski Rachael Ellis and Christopher Watkins deliver the news.

Student Television Begins New Year Looking to Expand

Stevens Point Television welcomes back  both new and old students, creating more shows and segments.

“We had three returning members out of a 12 person staff. The turnover of everything is going to be a little rough around the beginning,” said Curtis Rauen, senior communication major and general manager of SPTV.

Photo by Jenna Koslowski  Rachel Ellis proposes story ideas for next week's show.

Photo by Jenna Koslowski
Rachel Ellis proposes story ideas for next week’s show.

Currently, SPTV produces various news and sports shows. Members recently decided to bring back a segment they previously had, known as “Meet your Campus,” which is a harsh comedy show.

“It was kind of like ‘Between Two Ferns,’” Rauen said.

Some shows, such as “The Love Doctor,” are still being produced, but with a change in the main face. This year Milica Mitrovic, junior communication major and news producer, takes front camera.

“It’s a cheesy little show that really gets people thinking about how different college relationships are compared to a high school or an actual adult serious relationship,” Mitrovic said.

For the past three years, Mitrovic has learned how to interview people and to edit programs.

“That’s definitely something I’m going to need in the future,” said Mitrovic.

Mitrovic plans to keep “The Love Doctor” the same as last year. There will still be a panel of students going around campus to get the student opinions, although the station will only produce one episode a month.

SPTV also welcomes new faces such as Rachael Ellis, freshman communication major, who is one of the new news anchors.

“I want to learn a little bit about everything behind the scenes so that way I have a broader background,” Ellis said.

She looks forward to the chance of learning how to present herself on camera and learning how to edit videos.

“The major I am in is not about tests and books. It is more about the hands on experience,” Rauen said.


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