Students React to Concealed Weapons in the Classroom
In this Oct. 9, 2015 file, Michael Johnson wears a firearm as he waits outside of Roseburg Municipal Airport for President Barack Obama's arrival in Roseburg, Ore. Voters in a southern Oregon county will weigh in next month on a measure that seeks to prohibit enforcement of gun laws, although it may have only symbolic effect. Courtesy of AP Photo, Ryan Kang

Students React to Concealed Weapons in the Classroom

The following are responses given by students at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point who were asked how they feel about having concealed weapons in the classroom.

“I feel that only campus security and service members should be able to carry concealed weapons into the classroom. First of all, military members are the terrorists number one target, and they also have experience with weapons, so they have a better chance at protecting people than just a random person. If everyone was carrying concealed weapons, that could get out of hand especially in school. I definitely don’t think everybody should be able to carry around weapons.”

Ryan Larson, junior health promotion and wellness major

Andrew Schneyer Photo  by Caroline Chalk

Andrew Schneyer
Photo by Caroline Chalk

“I feel like carrying concealed guns into the classroom is extreme. I think that government buildings and public spaces don’t need that. I am definitely for gun rights, but I don’t feel like they should be brought into a place of learning. Personally, I would feel OK with sitting next to a student with a concealed gun, but I know a lot of other people would be freaked out.”

Andrew Schneyer, sophomore water resources major

“I don’t feel comfortable with people bringing concealed weapons into the classroom. I don’t like guns, and I don’t feel safe around anyone with guns. If you have a gun, I feel uncomfortable.”

Emily Bernsteen, senior communication major

“I feel like having concealed guns in classrooms is unnecessary. School is a place where students should not be worried if the person next to them has a weapon. I think people would be more fearful, and the situation would be more fearful.”

Caryn Reinthaler, senior communication major

“I think that it’s a complicated issue, but I do think that being able to have that option is important. The benefit of having concealed weapons is being able to protect yourself and other people if a negative situation were to occur. I think it would be safer to have the professors be able to bring concealed weapons into the classroom, rather than students. The reason that I think this is because I feel that professors go through more screening for their positions than students. I also feel that a professor’s judgment is supposed to be a higher level than most civilians.”

Richard Rudolf, junior forest management major

“I guess I would say that in the case of something actually happening, as far as a campus threat, I would feel more comfortable with someone carrying a concealed weapon. It does seem unnecessary at some points, but at the same time you never know when you might need it. If they can find a way to make sure the people who are carrying concealed weapons are mentally stable then I think you should have the right to carry one.”

Sydney Inks, junior arts management major

“I don’t think it is a good idea to have concealed weapons in the class. I have a feeling that if someone doesn’t like a grade that they get they might try and threaten the professor or their peers with a concealed weapon.”

Sean Puffer, junior health promotion and wellness major

“I would feel comfortable having students carry concealed weapons in the classroom if there were proper regulations. If something threatening were to happen on campus, it’s not a bad idea to have mentally stable students with concealed weapons to protect other students.”

Hunter Lamer, junior biology major

Nomin Erdenebileg Photo by Caroline Chalk

Nomin Erdenebileg
Photo by Caroline Chalk


“I think if I knew someone sitting next to me in class had a concealed weapon I would feel a little weird, but I don’t really care if they do have it for hunting. However, I don’t know how I feel about having a person carrying it around all the time in the classroom.”

Nomin Erdenebileg, junior graphic design major

“As long as the weapon is actually concealed I’m okay with. If I can’t see the weapon and I don’t know that it is there, then it doesn’t bother me. My reasoning for that is that I would feel safer if a school shooting were to occur, and people had concealed weapons in the classroom. I understand that it’s a controversial situation, and I can see both sides of the argument.”

Paul Orentas, senior urban forestry major


Caroline Chalk


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