UWSP Student Goes Beyond Study Abroad Program to Grow in Craft, Self
Skalbeck taking in every moment of his abroad experience. Photo by Sam Skalbeck.

UWSP Student Goes Beyond Study Abroad Program to Grow in Craft, Self


Skalbeck exploring the sights of Barcelona. Photo by Sam Skalbeck.

Many musical theatre and acting majors embarked on a study abroad adventure this summer to study theatre in London.

After learning more about theater history and seeing numerous live shows, the students made their way back home to the United States.

But not Sam Skalbeck.

Skalbeck decided to extend his adventure by partaking in a dance intensive in Barcelona. He spent a total of eight weeks abroad, molding his craft through these experiences while also learning more about himself and people as a whole.

Skalbeck is a senior musical theatre major with a minor in dance. These experiences were perfect in helping him focus and grow in each of his areas of interest, he said.

“It was nice to be able to just focus on one art form at a time,” Skalbeck said. “Sometimes, here at school, we do not realize our growth because we feel like we are spreading ourselves too thin between music, acting, dance and our other general classes. This summer allowed me to be disciplined, and I saw the benefits of how rapidly I grew from such a narrow focus.”

Studying abroad allows students to learn about their interests while also learning new cultures and the people that are living in those cultures, through learning their stories and living alongside them. These experiences allowed Skalbeck to discover more about himself and learn more about how share the stories of others through the arts.

“Theatre and dance has the power to bring people together in one space to transport them to another through storytelling on a stage,” Skalbeck said. “The more you learn about history and people’s experiences, the better you can give life to the characters you portray on stage.”


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