Health Educators: Get Yourself Tested
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Health Educators: Get Yourself Tested

Chlamydia is a flower, right?

No. One in five sexually active adults is diagnosed with an STI by the age of 25. STI screening plays a very important role in maintaining sexual health, so don’t forget to get yourself tested!

The Reproductive Health Peer Educators and Student Health Services will be offering walk in STI screenings from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Nov. 17.

Students are welcome to come to Delzell Hall to learn more about sexually transmitted infections and different screening methods. The screenings are affordable and some students may be eligible for free screenings through the Family Planning Waiver.

Student Health Services is also able to offer help with applications for the waiver. For those who are eligible, the waiver covers the cost of reproductive healthcare such as birth control and contraceptives, STI screenings and treatment and even annual exams.

To apply, you’ll just need to bring a form of identification like a driver’s license or student ID and paycheck stubs if you have them. Getting yourself tested never felt so easy!

For more information, email  or visit UWSP Reproductive Health Peer Educators on Facebook.

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