Review: ‘Peanuts’ Shells Out Plenty of Nostalgia
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Review: ‘Peanuts’ Shells Out Plenty of Nostalgia

Only the coldest, most bitter of cynics could dislike “Peanuts.”

Who among us has not crumbled bashfully before the majesty of the “little red-haired girl” in our lives? Who has not had a metaphorical blanket we clutched like Linus? Perhaps most of all, who among us has not felt like the ball we were about to kick has been pulled away at the last second again and again?

The comfort and relatability of this series has stuck with people for several decades. With the release of “The Peanuts Movie,” that tradition looks to continue for at least one more generation of kids who have yet to discover the “Great Pumpkin” in their own lives.

When this film was first announced, many people feared that it would go the way of films based off of “Garfield” or “Alvin and the Chipmunks” by taking a classic animated series and distorting its essential nature with modern sensibilities. “The Peanuts Movie” avoids that trap, though, by honoring the heart and soul of its source material.

There are no forced attempts at making the characters modern. You will not see Lucy using Snapchat or Peppermint Patty with a selfie stick. You will hear a bit of modern music, but essentially, this is the Peanuts gang our parents loved, many of us have loved and now, many of our children will love.

The only real problem here is that the movie shows up like the old friend you love catching up with after all these years, but who has no particular place in your current life. The movie will be a nice trip down memory lane, but after that, it will likely be forgotten.

“The Peanuts Movie” is a warm, safe way of introducing the series to a new generation. That being said, it attempts to do little more than that, failing to achieve much artistic success on its own merits.

The film earns 7 “rocks in the Halloween sack” out of 10.

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