Students React to New Finals Schedule
The new finals schedule extends into the week of Christmas.

Students React to New Finals Schedule

The following are students’ responses about the new finals schedule that extends into just days before Christmas:

“Well to me it makes no difference, but for others who have to drive farther home for Christmas break, it could be more of a time crunch.”

Jake Damask, sophomore health promotion and wellness major

“I like the previous final schedule better because then I was done with my finals before the weekend. This year it’s too close to Christmas. I have to travel to another country, so if I am done with finals on Dec. 22, I will arrive home on Christmas Eve.”

Euiran Jeong, junior business marketing and economics major

“The new schedule is definitely making it more difficult for traveling home for the holidays because finals end in the middle of the week. I don’t think I’ll be terribly affected by it because for most of my professors are trying to finish our finals on Friday (Nov. 18). If that wasn’t the case, I would have been less OK with the new schedule. They should have kept the schedule the same as last year, even though it doesn’t directly impact me.”

Alex Gonzalez, graduate student and audiology major

“Initially I was kind of surprised by the finals schedule, but my finals are all on Thursday and Friday. I got lucky that my finals are on the first two days, but if I had a final on the following Tuesday I wouldn’t be super upset. I would say Wednesday, Dec. 23 would be pushing it a little bit.”

Holly Winberg, senior biology major

“The new finals schedule gives everyone an extra weekend to study, which might be beneficial to students. The new schedule is not affecting my plans for the holidays in any way.”

Jerry Williams, junior health promotion and wellness major

“I understand the new finals schedule, and I understand why they have the new schedule. However, the new schedule just seems really close to the holidays. Thankfully my last exam is on Friday (Nov. 18).”

Kaylee Bast, junior business and communication major

“I am okay with the new schedule because all my finals are done by Friday. If they weren’t I would be upset about it. If I had an easier exam on Tuesday and had to stay the weekend I would be upset.”

Robin Lichon, senior clinical lab science major

“I don’t like the new finals schedule because I have an exam on that Monday. I wish I could take all of my exams on one day. I think that having an extra weekend is not helpful for me personally.”

Joel Gebhard, junior ecosystem restoration and management major

“I kind of like the new schedule because the weekend is right in the middle of the schedule. Having the weekend in the middle of finals gives you a nice break to study in between.”

Samantha Stein, junior biology major

“It doesn’t affect me at all, but I think that’s cutting it a bit close to Christmas. It would be nice to have that entire week off to go home and spend time with family.”

Kayla Ahles, senior health promotion and wellness major

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