Humans of Point: Darcey Aronson

Humans of Point: Darcey Aronson

Darcey Aronson is a junior psychology and Spanish major.

Spotted at: DUC

What was the craziest thing you’ve done this year?

“I just got back from studying abroad in Spain- so traveling.”

What would you name your autobiography?

“How to Get People to Think You’re Joking When You’re Really Just Being Mean”

If you could move anywhere, without language barriers, where would you move? Why?

“Norway or Scandinavia. I think it’s pretty with the mountains and fjords.”

What is your favorite quote?

“We do not see things how they are. We see them how we are.”

Who is your favorite professor?

“Erica Weisgram”

What is your biggest pet peeve?

“When people are being really impatient with the waitstaff.”

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