Students Say Cheering for the Packers is about Tradition, Family
Green Bay Packers' Aaron Rodgers grimaces as he is tackled after recovering a fumble during the second half of an NFL football game against the Chicago Bears Thursday, Nov. 26, 2015, in Green Bay, Wis. (AP Photo/Mike Roemer)

Students Say Cheering for the Packers is about Tradition, Family

It’s no secret that many Wisconsinites love the Green Bay Packers, and University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point students are no exception. Here’s what they said about the team.

“I am a Packers fan because I grew up liking them ever since I was little. I have been a fan because my parents like them, but I genuinely like the Packers as well.”

-Lizzy Dale, junior health promotion major

“I am a Packers fan because I was born and raised in Wisconsin. The Packers have four Super Bowl victories. In addition, there was a trophy named after their legendary coach, Vince Lombardi. The Packers’ current coach, Mike McCarthy, is pretty cool as well. This is why I am a Packers fan.”

-Dylan Pierce, junior clinical lab science major


“I am a Packers fan. My family are all Packers fans, and I’ve always grown up watching the Packers. It’s kind of a family tradition. We will watch Packer games in the garage while drinking beer.”

-Nicole Karl, senior biology major

“I am Packers fan because it’s exciting to watch them. If you love Wisconsin and you are a true Wisconsinite, you cheer for your team. The Packers make you want to watch them.”

-Jennifer Polenska, senior pre-pharmacy major

“Of course I’m a Packers fan. I grew up in Wisconsin, and my parents were fans, so I’ve been watching them my whole life.”

-Eric Pulkinen, junior forest management major

“I am absolutely a Packers fan because I’ve grown up in Wisconsin, and if you grow up in Wisconsin, you have to love the Packers. When I was born my dad gave me a Packer football. From then on I was a fan.”

-Trevor Rhodes, junior health promotion and wellness major

“I’m a Packers fan because I love Wisconsin, and they’re an exciting team to watch. Whether they win or lose their games are always fun.”

-Tate Tolman, sophomore history major

“I was raised a Packers fan. Both of my parents are from Wisconsin, so it would be crazy of me to love any other team. I also love them because for the most part, they are a good team.”

-Alex Gall, sophomore wildlife ecology major

But not all students agree.

“I am not a Packers fan. I am a New York Giants fan, however I do like the Packers. When I was younger, I was a Patriots fan, but I got tired of hearing about how well they were always doing. One night I just decided to change my favorite team. I was watching Giants on TV and just decided that they were my new favorite team.”

-Austin Lowe, junior health promotion major

“How can you like the Packers when they can’t beat the Bears 4-6 during Brett Farve night? My family being all Bears fans doesn’t help either.”

-Cole Mroczkowski, junior forestry management major

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