Students Share Winter Break Highlights
Photo by Allison Birr Campus is generally empty during winter break.

Students Share Winter Break Highlights

“I’ll be driving three hours home for Christmas, and then I will be back for student teaching here. The most exciting thing that I’m doing over break is starting next semester early, by student teaching. I’m a bit nervous for student teaching because I don’t feel like I have as much experience as my classmates, but I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

-Sarah Olson, senior elementary education major

“For Christmas Eve, we always go to my family’s house to be with my aunts, uncles and cousins. On Christmas Day I play the clarinet in the church ensemble with my sibling and dad. It’s a tradition that we do every Christmas.”

-Kerstin Peterson, senior elementary and special education major

“Traditionally we go to my aunt’s house for Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day I spend with my immediate family. We watch Christmas movies and play board games all day, which is usually the highlight of my winter break. We bake sugar cookies as well, and we get pretty intense about that.”

-Kelsey Nelson, sophomore psychology major

“We usually just go to my aunt’s house and the whole family gets together on Christmas Day. We usually do a secret Santa gift exchange and white elephant. My aunt also makes a bunch of food for everyone like ham, cookies and green beans.”

-Patrick Schultz, junior pre-physical therapy major

“On Christmas Day, we go over my mom’s side of the family and have a big get together, and we normally have a big brunch on Christmas morning. We also having stockings and a huge Christmas gift exchange. My favorite part is spending time with the family.”

-Kyle Larson, junior pre-physical therapy major

“Our tradition is that we hide a pickle in our Christmas tree, and whoever finds it first gets to open the first gift. And my parents went to Belgium this summer and went on a beer tour. My dad brought all of the beer that he could get back to the U.S, and so we also get to sample them sometime over break.”

-Bill Steinke, senior biochemistry major

“I wouldn’t say there’s really any family traditions that we do for the holidays. We just go up north to our cabin, and we spend Christmas with my grandparents. One of the most exciting things I’m doing over break is catching up with my friends and playing ice hockey outside.”

-Casey Marsh, freshman pre-physical therapy major

“Our family doesn’t really have any holiday traditions besides opening presents on Christmas morning. The highlight of my break is going to be relaxing, maybe working, but probably not because I want to be relaxing. I want to spend quality time with my friends and family.”

-Jon Mielke, senior biochemistry major

“Traditionally for the holidays we visit family. We celebrate Christmas, and there’s always lots of food at our Christmas. I mostly spend time with my friends and family over break. For Christmas we do a gift exchange between my friends. It’ll be nice to have a break from my homework over the holidays and focus on the other stuff in my life.”

-Amanda Jennings, junior web and digital media development major

“For the holidays we always just get together with family. I would say that eating food and sleeping is really what I’m looking forward to the most. For the most part I will just be home to work and spend time with my family.”

-Rychia Bosman, senior biology major


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