Sustainable Film Series Tests Viewer’s ‘Comfort Zone’
Jumbo Wild will be showing on Feb 10th. Photo courtesy of Patagonia.

Sustainable Film Series Tests Viewer’s ‘Comfort Zone’

The Sustainability Office and Student Government have teamed up for a third year presenting a film series focusing on environmental issues in the upcoming weeks on campus.

Featured films will be “Comfort Zone,” “Jumbo Wild” and “This Changes Everything.” Dave Barbier, sustainability coordinator, hopes that the film series will “both engage and educate” those who attend.

“Comfort Zone,” an independent film created with donated funds from, brings the concerns of climate change into a relatable context by following the stories of three New York residents and how the issues of climate change impact their daily lives.

“Jumbo Wild” is presented by Patagonia. This documentary covers the story of a battle over the protection of Jumbo Valley located in British Columbia. One group wants to place a large-scale ski resort in the valley, another group formed in opposition to the ski resort with the aim of leaving Jumbo Valley permanently protected from development and untrammeled by human impact.

“This Changes Everything,” inspired by the book written by Naomi Kline, looks into developed countries’ use of capitalism and how that economic approach impacts the natural world. This film also explains the unique concept that climate change may not be a crisis, it may be the proper push to shift the paradigm of humanity for a higher appreciation of the planet.

Selected for the series, these films bring awareness to the problems surrounding climate change. Ellie Corbin the Events Outreach Coordinator, said “the films turn to celebrate and inspire the viewers to become a part of a movement that can change the world“. In addition, recent documentaries were chosen to provide new, interesting takes on the climate crisis. The series is also meant to shine a light on the different approaches to what sustainability looks like, “as aspects of sustainability often get missed” Barbier said.

Kaira Kamke, natural resources major, expressed her interest in the films saying “ All of the movies seem exciting because they are so diverse and I’m glad they are making them available to students.”

“Comfort Zone” will be shown Feb. 3, “Jumbo Wild” is being presented Feb. 10 and “This Changes Everything” can be seen on Feb 17. All of the documentaries will be at 6:30 pm in the Dreyfus University Center Theater. There will be free root beer from Point Brewery and popcorn offered for those who attend.

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