University Adjusts to Faculty Leaving
It's an empty campus with faculty and staff leaving UWSP. Photo by Lily Dettle

University Adjusts to Faculty Leaving

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point has been experiencing a recent influx in faculty members that have been retiring or leaving campus.

Greg Summers is the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs at UWSP. Summers credits some of the recent influx to the university’s budget reductions.

“Faculty have been anxious about the budget reductions, and the change across the state. It is certainly the case that those concerns have prompted people to look for other positions,” Summers said. “Any time you have turnover in any position, it can be disruptive.”

According to Summers the university has been working hard to promptly replace the faculty that has left the university. However, the task has proved itself to be challenging.

“In some cases, we have a fair number of searches to hire new faculty, and some of those searches have been successful and some have not. There are concerns about salary, which makes it more difficult to hire people,” Summers said.

Summers hopes that the situation will become more stable in the future.

“We have begun to talk with our department chairs, about extra efforts that we can make to recruit the best faculty that we can, and diversify out faculty. We are trying to be proactive, and to think of new ideas, new strategies and approaches to recruit faculty,” Summers said.

Danny Wetland, senior mathematics major, does not feel that he will be affected by the recent loss of faculty.

“If you look at it from a student perspective it’s not good that these professors are just getting up and leaving,” Wetland said. “However, when it comes down to it a person has to take care of themselves first. It’s not a selfish move it’s just the way it goes.”

Noble Rundman, junior communications major, feels that the increase in faculty leaving campus will hurt the future of the university.

“We have really good professors here, and if the departments are being downsized I think we are going to run into problems,” Rundman said.

Rundman is also concerned that the amount of sections per class will decrease if professors continue to leave.

“I guess I can see where some of the professors are coming from, some of them have been here for a while,” Rundman said. “There is less money and it changes things, so I can understand why some faculty members might be retiring early.”

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