How did I get here?

As I sit here, trying to find something extremely witty and charming to say, the only thought blaring in my mind like a bright red, blinking neon sign is- How did I get here?

As a freshman coming into Stevens Point two years ago, I would never have been able to tell you that I would be here writing my first editorial today. Honestly, my only concern then was finding friends and getting involved.

I was nervous, but it was the good type of nervous: the nervousness that makes everything bright and shiny, causing you to see the world as this beautiful and miraculous thing.

When faced with major decisions, I remember thinking, “that sounds cool” or “that sounds fun.” As ditzy as I’m making myself out to be, it was those decisions that brought me here today.

Two years later, by being involved and doing what I enjoy doing, I am able to write to you today. I can tell you about how shocked everyone was when Grace Ebert, our previous Editor-in-Chief, decided to graduate a semester early. I can tell you about the wonderful staff that fills our office and the old carpet that is held together by duct tape on our floor. But most importantly, I can tell you that I have the privilege of being more involved in the Pointer community with all of you.

I see The Pointer as this amazing organization that thrives off student involvement, both through coverage of the events on campus and through our student reporters. What we can do at this paper relies heavily on all of you. We need you all to be involved, to make things happen in our community.

Going into this semester I am extremely hopeful for The Pointer. We just came back from competing in the Associate Collegiate Press Best of the Midwest Convention and our website placed fourth in the whole conference. In fact, it is normal for us to place highly in these conferences. This is only possible because of all the hard work and dedication that our staff puts into releasing the best paper possible.

I’m extremely excited to continue The Pointer legacy of putting out a fantastic issue every week for all of you to read.

So go out and make your own decisions, Pointers. Whether it’s going on a run, picking up an issue of the Pointer, or volunteering in the community, do what is fun and interesting for you and eventually life will catch up.


Samantha Bradley





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