Humans of Point: Zoe Zi Wei Thompson-Eagan

Humans of Point: Zoe Zi Wei Thompson-Eagan

Zoe Zi Wei Thompson-Eagan is a senior history major spotted on the first floor of the library.

Do you prefer snowy or rainy days more and why?

“Rainy days because, as I always say, ‘they’re cuddly and cozy days.'”

What is your favorite winter memory?

“Probably when you’re a kid and you wake up and it’s a snow day.”

How do you pass the time in winter?

“I’m a huge reader and we have a wood stove, so I would read by that. And also playing outside with my dog and stuff.”

What was the best day you had over winter break?

“Getting done with finals and then going home because you can relax and catch up with friends.”

What is something you’ve done that terrified you?

“When I went to China it was the first time I’ve been out of the country, or on an airplane, since I was eight months old. Plus, with my medical conditions, if something breaks, I have to have backups.”

Would you rather: Wrestle a gorilla or an alligator?

“An alligator. I heard if you can manage to hold their mouth shut that’s where all their strength is.”

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