Students Share Their Aspirations for the Semester

“This semester I want to be more diligent about completing my homework and be able to spend more time with my long-distance boyfriend.”

Kat Taylor, junior arts management major

“First off this semester I want to better my overall GPA, in order to prepare myself for graduate school. I also want to try and reduce my stress and hopefully be able to be more active. I would really love to work out more and do outdoor activities such as ice skating.”

Amanda Wallis, junior communicative sciences and disorders major

“My goal this semester is to remain sane while working three jobs and maintaining high grades in all of my classes. I’m going to Kenya this summer to study abroad so I have to work as many hours as possible to pay for the trip.”

Mara Braun, junior wildlife ecology major

“I want to pass my classes this semester with decent grades and continue to work out. I also want to work on my relationship with my brother, especially because we have had recent altercations.”

Ryan Larson, junior health promotion and wellness major

“My goals are to continue having success in academics, to find a summer position that will hopefully feed into a career after I graduate and to enjoy my time here at UWSP.”

Caleb Meyer, junior biology major

“This semester I want to get a 3.0 for the first time. I also want to make sure that I am hitting the gym more often, continue to enjoy the job that I have on campus and expand my social circles by networking with peers.”

Andrew Schneyer, sophomore natural resources major

“My semester goal is to stay on the correct path towards graduate school. Either next fall or spring I plan on graduating. I want to continue working on my goal of going to graduate school to become a high school guidance counselor.”

Drew Brusoe, senior psychology and sociology major

“This semester I am hoping to get straight A’s in all my classes, and also be a good TA for my Psychology 300 class. It’s my first time being a TA and I really want to be do well.”

Darcey Aronson, junior psychology and Spanish major

“This semester my goal is to keep my GPA around the same as it is now by studying hard and really applying myself in my classes. I hope to do as well as I did last semester.”

Kendra Kruzicki, freshman clinical laboratory science- medical technologist major

“This semester my goal is to bring up my GPA to where I need it to be so that I can get accepted into a good nursing school. My goal also is to make sure I study a lot more before exams while focusing on work at the same time.”

Megan Stammer, junior pre-nursing major

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