Women’s Resource Center Instills Body Acceptance

Women’s Resource Center Instills Body Acceptance

The Women’s Resource Center helps promote body acceptance throughout the year. This week, their promotion takes the form of a photo shoot.

While last year the Women’s Rugby Football Club donned sports bras and shorts, participants are encouraged to wear whatever makes them feel confident.

“Athletes already have a good rep as far as body positivity in media, so I thought even though rugby provides a wide variety of body types, we weren’t doing the best we could. So I decided to open it up to more than just athletes,” said Angela Stahl, junior psychology and Spanish major.

As the Promotions Coordinator in the Women’s Resource Center, she is able to get the word out about this campaign.
During the week of Feb. 7-13, students will gather in the Noel Fine Arts Center’s courtyard to be photographed. The photographers and helpers are aware not everyone will be comfortable and hope to make them feel more confident.

“We will have more people there than just the photographers. We are also potentially having someone do some videoing too. Just to talk to people so they can talk about what makes them feel confident, what inspired them to come to the event,” Stahl said.

Since the main goal is body acceptance, the pictures are only altered to increase or decrease the brightness.

“I want to show everyone that no matter who you are you can love yourself for you and there’s nothing wrong with that,” said Ethan Cates, a junior philosophy major who plans to go Wednesday.

These photos will be displayed as posters and Facebook posts during the week of March 7 to 11.

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