Faculty Member Shares Knowledge about Fall Ride
Lisa Theo speaking at the Portage County Library on Tuesday, Feb. 9th. Photo by Allison Birr

Faculty Member Shares Knowledge about Fall Ride

On Feb. 9 community members gathered at the Portage County Library to hear Lisa Theo, coordinator of undergraduate research, share her knowledge on Harley Davidson’s Fall Ride in Tomahawk, WI.

Theo is among many faculty members at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point that have given lectures at the Portage County Library this year. Her lecture was a part of The College of Letters and Science Community Lecture series.

Scott Tappa is the marketing assistant for the dean of the College of Letters and Science. Tappa has been involved in marketing all of the lectures in the series.

“The community lecture series is our biggest outreach initiative for the community and we want to make sure that we are not only reaching people on campus. We are really trying to reach people in the community to get them engaged in what we are doing at UWSP,” Tappa said.

Abby Heistad, senior communication major, is an assistant at the dean’s office in the College of Letters and Science.

According to Heistad, faculty members are contacted by the office to speak about interesting topics. Theo was one of the faculty members contacted.

“Certain professors have really interesting topics that they have talked about before. Most professors that we reach out to are willing and interested to speak,” Heistad said.

Heistad attended Theo’s lecture and was surprised by the massive turnout that the Fall Ride, which attracts motorcycle enthusiasts, has.

“I thought it was interesting finding out how many people actually go to the Fall Ride. I didn’t know that it was that big,” Heistad said.

Theo said that though her family members do not ride motorcycles, they enjoy the sense of community that the Fall Ride brings to Tomahawk, which she considers to be home. According to Theo, Tomahawk’s community grows during the Fall Ride because of all the tourists it attracts.

“Being the second largest employer in the region, the community not only appreciates what they do, but depends on Harley,” Theo said.

Theo admits there are not many young people who attend the Fall Ride, because they are generally not able to afford expensive motorcycles.

“Does everyone in the community embrace it? Probably not, but most people do. Everyone should go up and witness this sometime in their life, it is a lot of fun,” Theo said.

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