Quit-N-Time Series Brings Great Deals and Live Music
"Red Tide" playing at Quit-N-Time in the Brewhaus. Photo courtesy of Lily Dettle.

Quit-N-Time Series Brings Great Deals and Live Music

The Basement Brewhaus on campus hosts the Quit-N-Time Music Series during the first half of the second semester on Fridays from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.​

The Quit-N-Time series offers great deals, free snacks and live music every Friday. It features local and regional artists of all different genres.

“I decided to come to the Quit-N-Time event this Friday because the atmosphere is relaxing yet lively. The Brewhaus offers a unique way of de-stressing after a long week,” said Parth Dogra, senior economics and mathematics major.

Operations coordinator and junior communication major, Miles Voss, does inventory and orders beverages for the event.

“Everyone is aware of the great fine arts program available at UWSP, but we also wanted to expose and feature the amazing talent outside of that realm. We believe that our clients want and enjoy a time allotted to music in combination with our Quit-N-Time deals,” Voss said.

Red Tide, an acoustic duo, performed live in the Basement Brewhaus on Friday Feb. 26. They said they are inspired from the sweet lullabies of the ebb and flow of the ocean’s tides, offering contemporary and soulful listening.

“We take new songs and old songs and cover those. We make them our own by adding and changing elements, especially key changes. We love key changes,” said Kelsey Nocek, guitarist and senior international studies major.

Cate Lucas, lead vocalist and environmental education senior, said, “the main thing that I want spectators to take away from our performances is to feel refreshed. I want them to feel rejuvenated and invigorated and just a little lighter.”

They began performing at the Coffee Studio in downtown Stevens Point when a barista asked them to perform just as they were walking inside.

“We always try to put as much entertainment and fun into our performances as we can because if the audience sees we aren’t having fun or enjoying ourselves, they won’t either,” Nocek said.

One of the ways the Brewhaus increases the fun atmosphere is by offering deals on drinks. Patrons get double punches on specialty drink cards.

“The series is for seven weeks. We want to help our clients kick off not only the weekend but also the spring semester on the right foot. We have more great artists lined up,” Voss said.

Next in the series is acoustic singer-songwriter, Ben Vanden Boogaard, on March 4.

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