Locals have a Taste of Wisconsin
Photo courtesy of Lily Dettle

Locals have a Taste of Wisconsin

Although Taste of Wisconsin has gotten smaller in regards to working with more local vendors, the event has gotten larger than ever.

This event started in 2004 by the Basement Brewhaus and has grown by over four times the amount of vendors this year including Point Brewery, Sunset Point Winery and Portesi.

“We love showcasing the best that Wisconsin has to offer. It’s a great opportunity for a lot of people to expand their pallets,” Miles Voss, Basement Brewhaus operations coordinator and junior communications major, said. “We love showing how great Wisconsin is with what they sell.”

The vendors have heard about Taste of Wisconsin in different ways. Some vendors had University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point graduates working for them, while others were contacted by Voss.Photo courtesy of Lily Dettle

This year Voss strived to focus on smaller and more local vendors. An example would be Savory Accents, a vendor who allowed people to sample spicy caramel and spicy honey.

Megan Wise is a ristra designer, kitchen worker and field worker for Savory Accents. She said she had worked for the Brewhaus before graduation and also for a chili pepper farm. She knew about Taste of Wisconsin and talked to the farm owners about being a part of the event this year.

While the vendors have all become a part of the event differently, they all have the same goal.

Amanda Pankratz, store assistant manager at Nasonville Dairy, said “It shows a variety of what we make, a lot of cheeses we specialize in that not a lot of people have tried before.”

This year 250 tickets were sold a month before the event.

Voss said they did not advertise as much as they have in the past, there were just window paintings around the Brewhaus and social media promotion. He said the tickets sell themselves once the word gets out so advertising is not as necessary.

“It’s really an experience that a lot of people won’t be able to have. This is an experience unlike any other that, I believe, in the area or on campus,” Voss said.

Since students must be over 21 to purchase a ticket, many were first time goers to the event.

“I’m from Illinois, I really wanted the full Wisconsin experience of beers, meats and cheeses,” said Rebecca Vasquez, senior forestry management major.

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