Manitowoc Students React to “Making a Murderer”
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Manitowoc Students React to “Making a Murderer”

Ever since the documentary series “Making a Murderer” was released on Netflix, residents of Manitowoc County have been experiencing serious backlash.

The focus of the series is on Steven Avery, a resident of Manitowoc County, who was accused of murdering 25-year-old Teresa Halbach in 2005. The uncertainty of his guilt has sparked controversy across the country.

Cole Cayemberg, sophomore forest management major,  is currently a student at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, but is originally from the Manitowoc area.

“I stopped watching the documentary when they started portraying him as completely innocent, it was like they completely forgot about the woman killed,” Cayemberg said.

Cayemberg felt that the series made Avery look more like a victim than the murdered woman herself.

“The series has brought about a lot of negative comments about the county. It’s a safe place, there is not a whole lot of crime,” Cayemberg said.

Cayemberg feels that the case has been blown out of proportion and is a misrepresentation of the county.

Katie Ebelt, sophomore paper science and engineering major, is also from Manitowoc County. Ebelt has made the decision to not watch the series at all.

“I have no desire really to watch it, because I don’t think it was a good idea that it was made in the first place. I believe that both sides should be heard, but from what I have heard the documentary only shows one side,” Ebelt said.

According to Ebelt, most people that believe in Avery’s innocence live out of state. Ebelt said that watching the series would make her feel that she is supporting something that brings up bad memories for the victims and other residents in Manitowoc.

Bridget Gruenke, senior chemistry major, is a resident of the county and has also not watched the series.

“I’m not really sure whether or not he did it but, I know that a lot of steps were skipped and certain evidence was overlooked,” Gruenke said.

Gruenke agrees that the series has cast a negative light on Manitowoc.

“Because of the series, a lot of my friends have been made fun of for being from the county. We are sometimes told that Manitowoc is the worst city,” Gruenke said.

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