New Emoji Grading System Implemented on Campus
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New Emoji Grading System Implemented on Campus

A new grading scale will be put into effect beginning Friday, April 1.

In an effort to advance grading into the 21st Century, students’ grades will now come in the form of emojis. These emojis will range from heart-eyed faces to a pile of poop.

Instead of having a range of letters, there will be a range of emojis, which may vary from professor to professor. Some, prefer to have a throw-up face instead of poop, others say they mean different things and will use both.

However, not all emojis are allowed. They have to be on the Android keyboard and cannot include the red 100 because this is too similar to the previous grading scale.

This new grading scale creates a sense of individuality, something that will set the teachers’ grading apart. Instead of striving for an A, students can strive for the heart eyes, or a beach scene.

“To me the beach scene says the student is working way too hard and needs to go relax by a beach,” Mary Sandy, health 101 professor, said.

Sandy said that may not even rank very high on her scale because students need to have a social life outside of a 100-level, easy-A class. This new grading scale will give her the flexibility to tell them this in the form of an emoji.

Alma Peregrine is a professor of psychology. She believes this emoji grading system will enhance students’ will to get a good grade.

“It’s like when kids get a sticker on their paper, it makes them feel good,” she said. “Plus no one wants to see poop on their paper, it will create an atmosphere where people strive to see the hearts.”

This change has been deliberated for the past four years, and students are glad to see it is finally being implemented.

“I think it will really benefit students once they get to the real world, after all you won’t get a proposal back with a D on it. Instead you might see your boss read it and turn green,” Jacob Portman, senior business major, said.

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