Danstage Showcases Dance Talents
Flicker Photo By Aaron Felske

Danstage Showcases Dance Talents

This year, Danstage will premiere a ballet set with live music along with the other performances for the night.

“The dance program is excited to present Danstage in a new format this year,” said Joan Karlen, professor of dance. “The performance includes six shorter works, each distinct and entertaining.”

The Department of Theatre and Dance will be featuring the works of a guest artist Max Pollak, associate professors Michael Estanich, Jeannie Hill and Professor Joan Karlen.

Pollak, a professional dancer and teacher, worked with University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point students as a visiting guest last March. For Danstage, he has choreographed a Rumba Tap dance, merging Afro-Cuban music and dance with tap and body rhythms.A Classical Suite
Photo By Kirsten Danielson

“I have a few friends who are in Danstage this year, and just seeing all the hard work that they all are putting into this is really amazing,” said Josh Nauber-Finch, sophomore arts management major. “I can’t wait to see what they do this year, and I’m excited to see the show!”

Estanich choreographed “A Classical Suite,” which is a classical modern dance set to “Works for Viola” by Franz Hoffmeister. “Implicitly Tethered” is a collaboration between Hill and glass artist Jon Chapman set to “Corigliano: Conjurer and Vocalise.”

Robert Miles Soderstrom, senior dance major, will be in “Anthem” by Karlen and “Resplenent Waltz” by Hill.

“Rehearsals are very demanding and take a lot of mental and physical preparation to get prepared for movement that is fairly complex.” Soderstrom said.

“Flicker” by Karlen is a piece created in 2006 that refers to the moment of connection that is had with another person. Among the original dancers was Gerald Avery, now on Broadway in “Hamilton!”

“Dance is for everyone whether they are dancing and telling a story or the person watching,” said Kaitlin Piette, sophomore international studies major. “Danstage has a place for everyone to come and enjoy in a certain way!”

Danstage will take place at 7:30 p.m. on April 8  and 9 and 14 to 16 at the UWSP Noel Fine Arts Center in the Jenkins Theatre. A matinee showing at 2 p.m. will be offered on Sunday, Apr. 10.

Tickets for Danstage 2016 are available at the UWSP Information and Tickets Office, or online for $21 for adults, $20 for seniors, $16 for youth and $4.50 for students. Additional information can be found on the Danstage 2016 Facebook page.

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