Phantom Gallery: An Art Show that Made an Appearance
Photo courtesy of Brooke Newman

Phantom Gallery: An Art Show that Made an Appearance

CREATE Portage County launched a unique social experience which featured art, food and entertainment.

This was the first Phantom Gallery Party in the series and featured local emerging artists. All proceeds went to supporting CREATE Portage County’s future events.

CREATE Portage County was formally known as the Arts Alliance.

Phantom Gallery was a one night event and the location was only released the day before.

Photo courtesy of Brooke Newman

Photo courtesy of Brooke Newman

It took place at 3425 Main Street in Stevens Point and the event was sold out.

“There was great anticipation leading up to the Phantom Gallery Night, and CREATE Portage County did an amazing job pulling off one of the coolest local arts events of the year. It was great to see all ages enjoying the celebration of local artists,” said Eva Donohoo, an attendee of the Phantom Gallery.

“I attended this event because it is a good cause and it was intriguing to see the final product of the artists. They are definitely very talented and hard working,” said Shawn Corazalla, a senior psychology major.

One of the highlighted artists was Brooke Newman, senior two dimensional major. She is a nontraditional student graduating in May.

“The plight of certain creatures tear my heart out …factory farmed cattle and pigs, hunting for trophy, or for tusks and hides. I hope to render the spirit that’s inside of them with oil paint and color. Somehow I feel that I’m bringing balance to the cruelty,” Newman said.

Newman said this show reminded her, for so many reasons, that she is doing something important.

She hopes everyone, no matter what their age is, follows their passion.

As part of the senior capstone show, three groups with 5-6 artists in each will be featured at the Carlsten Gallery in the Noel Fine Arts Center. Newman’s artwork will be on display from April 30 to May 8.

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