Abby Herold: One Woman Wonder
Photo by Markie Rodgers

Abby Herold: One Woman Wonder

Originally from New Berlin, Abby Herold transferred to the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and has completed the musical theatre program in three years.

Photo by Markie RodgersHerold is a dedicated student and an innovative artist and is graduating in May. She is also the secretary of the Players Student Artistic Alliance.

“UWSP has a very supportive arts community. The professors and the student body are so supportive of every student’s success and it has been a very positive experience. The classwork is rigorous but a welcomed challenge,” Herold said.

She wants to remind others not to wait for opportunities and to not be afraid to create their own.

Recently, she created a set of monologues and performed them in the one woman show called “Here and There.” She has been invited to perform the pieces at the United Solo Theatre Festival in New York in the fall.

Tyler Marchant, associate professor of acting & directing was involved in the project.

“She brings a positive spirit to the room and is brave. People see her as focused and hardworking, and someone who has a lot of drive.  She always strives to push herself out of her comfort zone on stage,” Marchant said.

Marchant said actors need tenacity and Abby has a lot of that. She created this show from the bottom up, acted in it and then submitted it to a festival.Photo by Markie Rodgers

Herold approached Miranda Reindl, senior drama major, to collaborate on “Here and There.”

“We bounced ideas off each other and I was there to give her my point of view. Other students can learn to be fearless and to not rely on a ton of lights or sets or other people to create a full show,” Reindl said.

Reindl said students can learn from the way Abby trimmed down her show while learning a lot about herself in that process.

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