Go With the Flow and Carpe Diem
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Go With the Flow and Carpe Diem

I think I’m supposed to impart my wisdom upon those still in school. I’m supposed to say all the things I’ve learned in the past four years. That is more than can fit in a 500 word article.

There’s this saying I came across years and years ago and while I can’t remember the whole thing it basically said you’ll remember the nights out with friends more than you will studying for an exam.

I’m not saying to blow off everything in order to get drunk on a Tuesday night.

I’m saying waking up an hour earlier or going to bed an hour later, dedicating that time to homework and then you can say yes to randomly getting coffee or going downtown. Also, no you do not need to sleep twelve hours straight on a Saturday.

One of the best impromptu decisions I made was applying for a study abroad trip.

It was the hardest and the best thing I’ve ever done. It changed my relationships with everyone in my life, but it also taught me to take what life throws at me and just go with it, to not miss out on anything and or sweat the small stuff.

The past year I decided to take this and apply it to life in Stevens Point.

My first two years I was trying to just do my homework, my clubs and organizations. I thought I was being the best college kid I could be, but I learned more about myself and enjoyed the a lot more once I started saying yes to going downtown, to the farmer’s market and to meeting new people.

Enjoy the time you have in Stevens Point, because it goes by so fast. Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way because you never know when you’ll get the chance again.

Make bad decisions, but learn from them. Use them to grow.

The past couple years has opened my eyes to how much we have going for us in college.

We have six floors worth of knowledge where you can find anything. We are within walking distance of gorgeous trails. There are countless local coffee shops, each one just as good as the next. We can ask any professor anything we want. Our curiosity can be fueled, I for one did not take advantage of that.

There are things I think everyone should do at least once: Belt’s on opening day, walking in the sculpture park, biking by the river, the nutella frappuccino at the Coffee Studio and going to see live music and performances by the amazing departments housed in the Noel Fine Arts Center.

No art exhibit or performance will ever be as cheap as it is with a student ID.

Take advantage when people ask to have an impromptu grill-out or driving three hours for a concert and then back in the same night.

If all else fails, you can blame it on the fact you’re not technically a real life adult yet.


Jenna Koslowski

Arts & Entertainment Editor


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