Coffee Aromas and Student Diplomas
Photo by Colton Oltesvig.

Coffee Aromas and Student Diplomas

There is a certain glow about these places. They posses an atmosphere that begs you to contribute to it. The subtly strong aroma of coffee hangs in the air.

Stevens Point is home to some of the most charming coffee shops you may ever run across in your college days and all of these coffee houses are located within two miles of campus.

Here on campus lies our first three.

The CPS Café, located in the College of Professional Studies building, is our Dietetics students’ pride and glory.

Run by the students of this department, the CPS Café beholds the perfect college atmosphere. Just busy enough. Just bright enough. Their lunch options come crafted from the students with health in mind.

This cafe is among the most affordable for students, offering a wide range of payment options and even a dollar off your coffee should you supply your own mug. If you’re looking to immerse yourself in the campus experience, you must check out the coffee shop that is run by your peers.

Photo by Colton Oltesvig.

Photo by Colton Oltesvig.

Not far down the street, in the Dreyfus University Center, you can find the Basement Brewhaus which is arguably the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point’s best hot-spot for activity.

It is a low-light atmosphere that brings all kinds together under one basement roof. The Brewhaus has a spacious layout with many activities such as pool, darts and board games.

This coffee house has an awesome feel of familiarity. The furniture also came from students moving out and local rummage sales.

Enjoy weekly specials such as $1.50 beers on Thrifty Thursdays, and the infamous Quit-N-Time every Friday night which brings us local talent, free snacks and beverage deals to prepare students for a much needed weekend.

Directly across from parking lot F-W you will find a community favorite, no doubt.

Zest Bakery and Coffeehouse is one of the more unique spots in Stevens Point, offering an artistic environment by giving space for blossoming artists to sell and display their work.

Zest’s new summer porch will surely catch your eye and invite you inside where some of the town’s most dangerous pastries await (dangerous to your waistline). If you’ve never tried a pastry with bacon included, now is the time.

Zest’s style is much more relaxed and quiet, so if you are a student who seeks that personal bubble when getting down and dirty with homework, an ever changing latte specials board, homemade soups and sandwiches and even a community acoustic guitar for some sweet pluckin’, head over to Zest.

Further down the way, nestled in the heart of downtown Stevens Point is The Coffee Studio, another quiet place for the easy-going studier.

The Coffee Studio has one of the most visual spots in downtown, offering large windows that let nature’s glow take care of the rest. The Coffee Studio opened in Aug. of 2011 and chose the name ‘Studio’ to reflect their commitment to the artists of Stevens Point, inviting those to perform and display their work for the community.

This coffee house is perhaps most known for their flatbreads and paninis, a delicious sandwich type of meal that is robust in flavors. Their menu is large, so if you enjoy variety, don’t be afraid to grab some buddies and take a short walk from campus to downtown.

Lastly, Emy J’s is one of Stevens Point’s most prosperously known establishments. Founded in 2003, Emy J’s has stayed  committed to providing a business which sources local ingredients.

Not long ago, Emy J’s opened a second restaurant wing to their already booming coffee house which gives locals an ever-changing array of unique and healthy meal options. Their ice cream is sourced from Madison, and is so delicious that the packaging itself tells you to not bother with looking at how much fat and calories you’re about to consume.

Every ingredient in every item comes to you fairly on all angles. From local vegetables and treats, to fair-trade coffee that even farmers will smile about, Emy J’s raises the bar in Stevens Point just that much higher. Even their energy comes solar-powered from the many panels that line their rooftop.

You can find Emy J’s comfortably sitting behind the downtown bustle on Second St, across from Midstate Technical College. If there is one coffee house among the many amazing options we have here in Stevens Point, Emy J’s is the one you cannot miss.

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