Top Climate Scientist Discusses New Book: The Madhouse Effect
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Top Climate Scientist Discusses New Book: The Madhouse Effect

On Oct. 10 the Stevens Point Chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby worked with 350 club to have Michael E. Mann give a video call presentation on his new book, “The Madhouse Effect”.

Micheal E. Mann is a professor of atmospheric science at Penn State University. He has written three books on climate change. The most recent of which is “The Madhouse Effect”.

The book covers climate change issues and denialists’ attitudes in a humorous way.

Mann’s website states that “Through satire, “The Madhouse Effect” portrays the intellectual pretzels into which denialists must twist logic to explain away the clear evidence that man-made activity has changed our climate.”

The lecture was held in TNR 170 and had 96 people in attendance. There were some viewers from Eau Claire who joined the video call as well.

The presentation was carbon-neutral as Mann’s laptop was powered by wind energy, and the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point purchases all of its electricity from renewable resource credits.

Sean Piette, senior natural resource planning major, has read parts of the book. When asked what he thought of the book’s content, Piette said, “The book is pretty humorous because each chapter explains what it is going to say, then it explains a way it could work, then it gives four or five scenarios that are complete bogus which are absolutely hilarious.”

“Micheal Mann is one of the most hated scientists out there,” Piette said.

Critics have called Mann an alarmist and disregard his research as mere whistleblowing.

In “The Madhouse Effect”, Mann refutes the climate deniers’ arguments with satire alongside scientific facts.

The presentation did not just go over negative attitudes and the stages of denial towards climate change, Mann also covered why people should care about protecting the planet.

One of the most common arguments against actively putting an end to climate change by halting climate emissions is that the economy will suffer. Some hold the stance that it is too expensive to implement renewable energy.

During the presentation, Mann said, “If we destroy the planet, then there is no economy.”

The climate change debate always seems to have two sides. The economy versus the planet. Both sides will need to work together to keep the planet and the economy healthy.

Mann also said, “By treating it as a debate between two equal sides, we risk falling into the abyss.”

Mann argues that the sides are not equal because it is the entire planet facing off against the greed of a few individuals. He believes we must give priority to protecting the environment from a changing climate in order prosper.


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