Pointer Alumnus Promoted to Hockey Associate Head Coach
After playing for the Pointers from 2010-2014, Tyler Krueger was promoted to associate head coach. Photo courtesy of UWSP Athletics.

Pointer Alumnus Promoted to Hockey Associate Head Coach

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point hockey coaching staff has promoted Tyler Krueger from assistant hockey coach to associate head coach in his third year employed by UWSP Athletics.

The new position of associate head coach will not provide Krueger with any new tasks, but rather, more responsibility. Skills video, running practices and off ice conditioning are Kruger’s main tasks.

“He’s really detailed in his coaching,” said head coach Chris Brooks, who is looking forward to closely working with Krueger again this season.

“It is a title he has earned,” Brooks said.

Tyler Krueger

Tyler Krueger

Krueger has a long history in UWSP hockey. He is an alumnus of the university and of the hockey team, who played from 2010-2014. The Stevens Point native has been using this knowledge of hockey to improve the team for this season.

“We want to build off of last year. There are a lot of leadership positions open for upcoming seniors and we want to see every guy step up from last year,” Krueger said.

Krueger’s promotion is exciting for the coaching staff, but also for the returning players.

Jesse Gordichuk, junior goalie, has known Krueger for years.

“He does an unbelievable job, everyone on the team is comfortable with him. He was in the exact same position we are in now and not that long ago,” Gordichuk said.

Senior left wing Kyle Sharkey, who played with Krueger during his freshman year, is excited to see him as the associate head coach.

“I’ve known him for five years and he has a calming sense about him. Things can get hectic and it is nice having him in the room,” Sharkey said.

Defense was Krueger’s main position during his hockey career.

Tyler Krueger coaching during the 2015 national championship game. Photo by Jack McLaughlin.

Tyler Krueger coaching during the 2015 national championship game. Photo by Jack McLaughlin.

“He adds a lot to our D-core, he improves it,” Sharkey said.

In his senior year playing for UWSP, he was captain of the 2013-14 national championship runner-up team. Throughout his four years, he played in an outstanding 79 games.

Krueger’s passion for hockey is something to marvel at.

“I played a lot of different sports growing up,” Krueger said. “The intense fast paced nature is why I chose hockey. I have never looked back.”


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