Album Review: Don’t Let the Kids Win
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Album Review: Don’t Let the Kids Win

Julia Jacklin’s debut album “Don’t Let the Kids Win,” is a collection of songs highlighting electric and acoustic guitar with an Indie Pop and Alternative feel.

Jacklin depicts the hardships and joyful times of love in all shapes, ranging from relationships to family love. Her lyrics in certain songs have a sad undertone about real problems, whether it is drugs or bad breakups.

The opener on the album, “Pool Party,” is about struggling with drug abuse and how it is heartbreaking. The protagonist is crying out to the person who is struggling with the addiction to try to stop. They ask the addicted person to stop for them if they are going to do it for anyone.

“Coming of Age” is a nice break from the slower, melodic songs which make up most of the album.

This one is more upbeat and chipper, talking about finding love at a young age. The protagonist doesn’t realize that he or she has these feelings right away. Yet once they do, they feel more grown up about the situation.

“L.A. Dream” returns the listener to sadder parts of the album, as Jacklin dwells on the fact that a breakup can be difficult.

The feelings right after the breakup leave the protagonist lost, not knowing what to do with either themselves or the pain. And yet, in the end, the protagonist comes to terms with their love being meant to be.

The last song, “Don’t let the Kids Win,” has a personal tie to Jacklin which wraps up this album beautifully.

In an interview, Jacklin stated that her life with her sister as little girls is over since her sister is getting married.

Her final song states that it is okay to grow up. Even though it can be scary, it is something special which you should embrace.

As a whole, this album has beautiful and relatable songs.

It should be noted that the album doesn’t use many overlay sounds that usually distract from the lyrics. The songs are simple, to the point and straightforward –something that’s not seen often.

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