Sports Performance Specialist Works with UWSP Baseball Players
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Sports Performance Specialist Works with UWSP Baseball Players

Joe Tofferi, sports performance specialist, spent a couple of weeks sharing his array of knowledge with the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point baseball team.

Tofferi owns a business called Train 4 Your Health, which is aimed to help athletes perform at a high level.

According to Tofferi the number four represents the four phases his business focuses on. The four phases are sport performance, fitness and well-being, injury recovery and kinexit, which is an online training program.

Tofferi has also worked with individuals such as NFL player Kirk Cousins. He has been working with Cousins for the past four years.

“The way he lives his life is unbelievable. Our focus is on the ability to have the strength to throw a football and staying healthy,” Tofferi said.

Tofferi also worked with the Detroit Pistons, an NBA team.

“Working with the NBA was unbelievable, being around the best athletes day in and day out is phenomenal. They’re just phenomenal athletes, they are the best of the best. The negative side to that is spending 200 nights in a hotel room in a year,” Tofferi said.

Tofferi’s impressive resume and personal experience made him a valuable asset to UWSP’s baseball team.

He created a warm-up for the team, which is important for injury prevention, and described working with them as a great experience. He enjoyed it so much that he has expressed interest in working with other athletic teams at UWSP.

“The thing that I was most impressed with was their focus, every day they came ready to work. They were very respectful of me and what I was teaching them, and that says a lot about the program,” Tofferi said.

Ben Gerber, senior outfielder, remembered Tofferi as having a cool and relaxed demeanor while still being able to push the players.

“For me, I thought he helped a lot because it kind of brought all of us together and we need our team to come together to win our conference and go far in our season this year,” Gerber said.

Tristan Brewer, sophomore pitcher, admitted that because Tofferi has worked with professional athletes he has built up a solid reputation.

“I’d say it was overall a really good experience, especially as a team. His workouts weren’t necessarily so physical, but it helped us realize what we need to do to compete and work our hardest,” Brewer said.

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