Album Review: EP No. 1
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Album Review: EP No. 1

Miynt experiments with airy sounds in her latest album, EP No. 1.

Throughout the album, she uses high-pitched sounds to compliment her light soprano voice.

It’s a short album, with only six songs, but each song is jam-packed with different sounds.

The opener, “After the Gold Rush,” starts out with distorted, high-pitched sounds that seem to be underwater. This repeats and a heavy drum set punches through, giving the song a driving beat.

In the interlude between the second verse and the final chorus, they do even more layering on the underwater tones. Miynt uses a buzzy keyboard to overlay and give more definition and style to the track.

The fourth song, “Cool,” takes on a different vibe than “After the Gold Rush.”

The song opens right away with a simple rhythm which is added to by the funky beat of guitars that are reminiscent of earlier songs done by Maroon 5. Miynt also uses her Soprano voice layered in octaves, showing off both her low and high range.

Lyric wise, this song talks about the protagonist craving for air conditioning on a hot day. She uses descriptive phrases such as “if desert is a feeling” and “Sunshine’s killing me.” As a result, the song itself gives off a summer vibe.

Finally, “You Were Never Too Much,” the second to last song uses, sparkle tones to create a relaxing atmosphere for the listener.

The electric guitar does continuous small riffs that add to the relaxing tones in the song, making the listener feel as though they are never too much in relationships.

Overall, even though it’s short, this album gives the listeners a wide variety of sounds that mesh together to create something delicate and soothing.

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