The Doctor Will See You Now: A Doctor Strange Review
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The Doctor Will See You Now: A Doctor Strange Review

On Friday, Nov. 4 the Marvel universe expanded its franchise with its newest superhero through the release of “Doctor Strange.”

The film follows neurosurgeon, Dr. Stephen Strange after an extreme life-altering car accident causes him to lose the ability to use his hands. With all traditional medicine failing him, Strange is left devastated, but a small flicker of hope finds him when he learns of a mysterious healing enclave in Kamar-Taj.

Under the guidance and teachings of The Ancient One, Strange starts to heal in a magical way but is left with a colossal decision, to continue living his life of fortune and status, or to leave his old life behind to defend the world from evil as a powerful sorcerer.

Marvel Studios is known for their creation of spectacular superheroes ranging from Iron Man to the Hulk, but Doctor Strange takes the cake with its uproarious, sassy, heartbreaking and unique story.

British actor, Benedict Cumberbatch has taken on the unrivaled task of playing the role of Doctor Strange and, to say the least, he is a perfect fit for the job.

Starting with his rugged build while sporting a goatee and perfectly styled hair, Cumberbatch is the spitting image of the iconic comic book character. Fans can thank director Scott Derrickson for not only his superb casting of Cumberbatch but also for the amazing crew of supporting actors as well.

Cumberbatch steals the spotlight and embodies everything that Doctor Strange is supposed to represent in his transfixing ability to be completely hopeless, egotistical, an arrogant jerkwad one moment to a charming, hilarious and respectable world-saving man the next.

Just two examples of the powers Doctor Strange is taught are the abilities to make a portal to travel from one space to another as well as breaking into other dimensions.

The CGI surrounding this super, magic-filled world and these abilities were not only stunning but also played mind games with audiences. The CGI used spaces like New York City and would morph it into something unrecognizable, causing the audience’s mind to feel tripped out. The best way to describe it would be like taking a jigsaw puzzle apart and somehow finding a way to piece it back together in a completely new way.

Another great use of CGI in this movie was the ability that the editors had in creating Doctor Strange’s iconic magical cape and giving it a personality of its own.

The thought that comes to mind when describing this cape’s personality is comparing it to that of the carpet from Aladdin. It has a sassy, smug, rebellious type of attitude that shows Doctor Strange who’s boss while mutually saving his life on multiple occasions over the duration of the film.

“Doctor Strange” has reached a high of $616 million and counting since its release, has pulled a difficult rating of 90 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, and has also become the biggest single-character introduction in the Marvel universe, making it a smash-hit movie across the board.

The end of the film leaves viewers with a different type of main action character than is typical for the current generation: one who is magical and flawed, yet is willing to change.

This movie will leave audiences moved with all sorts of emotions ranging from shock, awe, joy, sadness, and maybe even some enlightenment by the end. Maybe we can all take a bit of the wise Ancient One’s advice home with us when she says, “You wonder what I see in your future? Possibility.”

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