Album Review: Ra Ra Riot Needs Your Light
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Album Review: Ra Ra Riot Needs Your Light

Ra Ra Riot has done it again with their latest album, “Need Your Light.”

Out of Syracuse, New York, the band embodies a classic indie rock sound and even includes a violinist as one of their main band members.

The music has a distinguished rock beat and the violin can be easily heard, giving it a full sound and making it more interesting to listen to.

The second song off the 10-track album, “Absolutely,” has a catchy, up-tempo groove as soon as the song opens.

You can hear the violin’s melodic overlay floating atop the guitars and rhythm.

Lyric wise, it’s a positive song, telling the listener to go after their dreams and be free. The main phrase “It’s the year of absolutely” urges the listener to go out, be themselves and be free. The listener gets a sense of it being their last chance to leave the ground and not be tied down, that this year is their year to let go and to be free.

“Bad Times,” number five on the album, greets the listener with a buzzy keyboard

It also has a slower, ballad pace which sharply contrasts with the upbeat theme of “Absolutely.” The buzzy keyboard fades out and is replaced by the high-pitched strings of the violin.

The drums have a very heavy moment during the refrain, simulating a bass drop in electronic music.

Lyric wise, the protagonist has clearly had some bad times, per the title. The lyrics themselves don’t elude to what the protagonist is struggling with, but this song has a silver lining to it: love prevails through time, no matter how bad things seem.

The last song, “Suckers,” closes out the album well.

It opens up with a cool xylophone keyboard sound that continues as the main theme throughout.

The drums join in and pound out the beat. The bass doubles with the keyboard, but surprisingly the guitar is nowhere to be heard.

The violin continues to overlay bright tones to the very end as the song fades into nothing, signaling the end of the album.

Overall, Ra Ra Riot is an upbeat indie band that has fun beats and inspirational lyrics. Their songs will pump you up and get you ready for the day getting you on your feet and dancing.

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