Album Review: Hey Violet Releases Brand New Moves EP
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Album Review: Hey Violet Releases Brand New Moves EP

An emerging band Hey Violet will have audiences singing their tunes before they know it.

The energetic LA band has gone through a few name changes before the name Hey Violet stuck in 2015.

Ever since, they have been producing new music that will get you dancing along with them, including their new hit single “Guys My Age.”

The five song album starts out with the title track of the EP, “Brand New Moves.” Right away, a heavy bass guitar beat lays down the rhythm that the drums mimic. Layered on top of that, the keyboard has fillers in between the vocals, almost as if they have something to say too.

The song itself has a dark, dance-pop feel, as if you’re in a night club, dancing the night away. The meaning of the song describes a protagonist seeing an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend and getting back together with them. ”

Guys My Age” is a great opener to the EP. It sets the tone for the rest of the album. Later on, this song comes up again.

The third song on the album, “Pure,” has a slightly different feel compared to “Brand New Moves.” The sound seems more stripped of its heavy, night club beats. It has a more raw, unaltered sound.

The heavy bass guitar and drums are still very much present, which is quite common with Hey Violet, but there is less of the keyboard until the end.

Finally, one of the final songs on the EP is slightly different than normal EPs.

The band took their hit, “Brand New Moves” and stripped all the night club pop sounds from it. The song is very simple, with acoustic guitar, keyboard chords and simple percussion. In this case, the percussion consists of finger snapping and a tambourine.

With this version, Brand New Moves sounds vulnerable, but pleasing to the ear.

Overall, Hey Violet is a band to take a closer look at and check out. They are still on the rise to fame but are worth the time to tune into their music. Their heavy night club beats and raw sounds will keep audiences guessing what will they do next?


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