Jesse McCartney’s Beautiful Soul Reaches UWSP Fans
Jesse McCartney Concert. Photo by Nomin Erdenebileg

Jesse McCartney’s Beautiful Soul Reaches UWSP Fans

On Friday, Jan. 27, a sea of raging hormones could physically be seen excitedly waiting outside of the Dreyfus University Center’s Laird Room.

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point welcomed well-known singer, songwriter, voice actor, and actor, Jesse McCartney to the stage to perform not only his most current music, but his early 2000’s greatest hits.

Jesse McCartney Concert. Photo by Nomin Erdenebileg

Jesse McCartney Concert. Photo by Nomin Erdenebileg

When news dropped that the once-teenage heartthrob would be performing at UWSP, a frenzy spread across campus. Tickets went on sale Dec. 9 at 8:00a.m. and sold out in mere hours causing some very disappointed and ticket-less fans.

On the day of the concert, fans lined up outside the Laird Room including senior psychology major, Glorian Konieczny.

“I was so excited for this concert since I first heard about Jesse McCartney coming to UWSP, I waited in line 3 hours in an attempt to get as close as possible,” Konieczny said. “I was impressed with how many people were actually there waiting for this, and I was also surprised about the range in ages there.”

Brynn Kemp, senior psychology and English major and long time fan of McCartney’s, explained how she felt about the hype behind McCartney’s performance.

“When I was young, we all saw him on Disney Channel, and I think almost every girl I know has had a crush on Jesse!” Kemp said, “He’s not just a kid celebrity that dropped off the face of the earth like so many do. He’s managed to stay relevant, and doesn’t have any scandals surrounding him, so I think he has a pretty loyal following.”

Paulette Salazar, senior communication and Spanish major and club/variety coordinator for Centertainment,  had the privilege of introducing McCartney to the stage. Salazar said McCartney was everything that she expected him to be.

“He was extremely polite to all the staff and students that helped make this concert possible,” Salazar said. “He has a beautiful smile, trendy style and is a great hugger! Jesse also interacted with the audience very well. He gave the microphone to someone to sing a verse, he took many selfies with the crowd and he made a girl’s dream come true by inviting her up on stage and singing to her!”

Jesse McCartney Concert. Photo by Nomin Erdenebileg

Jesse McCartney Concert. Photo by Nomin Erdenebileg

While McCartney may have caused several hearts to skip a beat across UWSP, he remained humble and loving towards his fans.

Before the concert McCartney met some lucky fans at a meet and greet, but what was most inspiring was how he treated fans he casually ran into.

After the concert, McCartney happily greeted some of his fans that waited outside of the DUC for a chance to meet him due to not having tickets to the show. A couple of other lucky fans met him casually while he was later spotted eating at Buffalo Wild Wings and getting his morning coffee at Starbucks.

Another lucky fan bought McCartney a beer during the concert leaving him a note which he later went on to Instagram that said, “Here are some beers that you can only get in Wisconsin! Hope you all enjoy! Thank you for a great concert.”

“Thanks @UWSP for a great night! You were an awesome crowd! And thank you whichever Ladies in Wisconsin sent me this craft beer! #Delish #UWSP #Music #college #beer,” wrote McCartney.

UWSP students at the Jesse McCartney concert. Photo by Nomin Erdenebileg

UWSP students at the Jesse McCartney concert. Photo by Nomin Erdenebileg

Fans waiting in line for several hours before the event found themselves sharing stories with one another about their teen idol. Salazar even shared some of her own fond childhood memories about McCartney when she confessed she had a crush on him growing up.

“Who didn’t?” Salazar said. “I cut out pictures of him from magazines and put them all over my room right next to the Jonas Brothers. When I was in middle school I thought Jesse’s hit song “Beautiful Soul” would one day be my wedding song.”

It’s safe to say that McCartney’s show and appearance at UWSP was a smash and allowed many other fans to relive their childhoods all over again.

“I loved how everyone in that crowd, knew every word,” Konieczny said. “It was obvious how happy everyone in the crowd was. He almost left without singing ‘Beautiful Soul’ at first, and the crowd chanted until he came back to sing it for an encore. Hearing his most famous song live was exactly what I was waiting for.”

For more information about Jesse McCartney or UWSP’s Centertainment productions, check out their facebook pages.


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