Album Review: Motions By Jeremy Zucker
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Album Review: Motions By Jeremy Zucker

Integrating different sounds and beats, Jeremy Zucker impresses the ear with his latest album, “Motions.”

A budding indie artist, Jeremy Zucker will impress with his relatable lyrics that are paired with grooving beats. Like Jon Bellion in style, Jeremy Zucker brings light to the struggles in everyday relationships with his eight-song album.

The opening song, “Heavy,” starts the album off strong with intense beats and simple piano chords in the back.  He adds texture to the song with a steel drum-sounding instrument. When the bass drops, he morphs his voice to a high pitch that floats over the bass.

When it comes to the lyrics, this track talks about an unhealthy relationship. The protagonist is tired of the other side of the relationship constantly dragging them down. They realize that they can do so much better, but when they try to end it, it seems to be tug and pull since the other half the relationship doesn’t want it to end.

“IDK Love,” the third song of the album,  has a slower pace at the beginning.

Before the music even starts, there is a faint pulsing which leads into a guitar. The whole first verse is just guitar until Zucker rolls into the refrain, where the pulsing comes back and gives the song an electronic sound to it.

Lyric-wise, the song talks about what the title states: “I don’t know love.” It paints a picture of how it feels to be confused and lost when it comes to love.

The sixth song on the album, “Stay Quiet,” creates a pretty, almost serene atmosphere at the beginning.

The reoccurring theme of gentle notes flowing and ebbing constantly floats above the lyrics. That gentle, relaxing feeling goes hand in hand with the words.

This track resonates of a longing for someone.

The protagonist is on the verge of a fight with their significant other, so they ask to forgive and forget, to “stay quiet, be my love.” They ask to forget and enjoy the quiet moment they can spend together.

Overall, Jeremy Zucker is an artist to be recommend.

Similar to Jon Bellion in style and material of his lyrics, Jeremy Zucker shakes things up with his music and pairs it well with his relatable lyrics. If you’re looking for a new music, check out his latest album!

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