Moo-ve Over for Local Dairy
Inside the Wisconsin Dairy State Cheese company located in Rudoplh, WI. Photo courtesy of

Moo-ve Over for Local Dairy

The Dairy State Cheese Company is located in Rudolph, Wisconsin 15 miles away from campus. This local business offers a wide variety of dairy products made on-site from its own cows.

The average American eats over 30 pounds of cheese a year. Not only is cheese often cited as a source of calcium and protein, it is also made in a myriad of types and flavors.

“Looking for unique flavor?” The Wisconsin Dairy State Cheese Company website said, “Choose from over 200 different types and styles of Wisconsin cheese. We invite you to enjoy the taste of Wisconsin.”

Standard types of cheese are sold at the company, such as colby, cheddar and monterey jack.  The Dairy State Cheese Company also offers specialty cheeses, including blueberry monterey jack, muenster and sriracha.

Dairy fudge is a surprising treat that can be purchased with or without nuts.

Of course, the factory also sells their signature cheese curds, which shoppers can see being made through the glass windows in the back of the shop.

The Dairy State Cheese Company offers a unique experience that combines buying locally with seeing the food being made on the premises.

Maria Vann, sophomore health promotion and wellness major, has visited the factory in Rudolph several times.

While one of her favorite aspects of the shop is the attached ice cream parlor, she also enjoys being able to see the cheese-making process.

“I really enjoy the ice cream part,” Vann said. “They have really good ice cream there. The other part that I really like is just the cheese area where you can look at all the different kinds, but you can also see it being made in the back window.”

Not only is the Dairy State Cheese company dedicated to providing quality, local dairy products, they also foster a fun, family-friendly and educational environment.

“View our master cheesemakers artistry from two observation areas,” their website says. “We will be glad to explain the cheese-making process to you, just ask one of our knowledgeable team members. We look forward to making your visit a memorable one.”

Vann believes that visiting a local business creates a unique community environment.

“I think there’s more quality to getting it straight from Rudolph rather than just walking into Copps and going by their little cheese section,” Vann said.

Both native Wisconsinites and out-of-state students have something to gain from visiting the Dairy State Cheese Company.

“I think especially for diversity students,” Vann said. “I think it’d be a really good idea for students to get out there if you’re from a different state, you can see our main staple which is cheese and ice cream.”

The shop is open seven days a week. Their hours are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5:15 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday 9 a.m. to noon.

Make sure to bring cash or check as they do not accept card payments.


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