Rising Temperatures Match Citizen Uprisings
Pictures of the 2014 Climate March. Photo courtesy of other98.com.

Rising Temperatures Match Citizen Uprisings

2016 is officially the hottest year since record keeping began in the 1800s.

Even with a La Niña event cooling the globe down during the last few months of 2016, the year still broke the record for average global temperatures.

Data collected by the NOAA declared that the average global temperature was 1.69 degrees Fahrenheit above the average of 57.2 degrees.

This new record surpasses the previous record, which was set in 2015, by 0.13 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is the third year in a row a new hot record has been set, as the year 2015 broke the previous record set by 2014.

The NOAA collects global surface temperature at different monitoring locations, the data is then analyzed by climate scientists.

With the new presidential administration unlikely to take action and create legislation to aid in stopping excessive greenhouse gases from being sent into the atmosphere, people are taking things into their own hands.

On Apr. 29 of 2017, 350.org is organizing a second People’s Climate March to echo the message of the original Climate March which took place in 2014.

People flood the streets for 2014 Climate March. Photo courtesy of eideard.com.

People flood the streets for 2014 Climate March.
Photo courtesy of eideard.com.

According to 350.org’s website, the mission for the march is to “reject Trump’s attack on our communities and climate, and push forward with our vision of a clean energy economy that works for all.”

Stevens Point’s chapter of 350.org is arranging to send members to D.C for the march and promoting the action in the community.

Kevin Meyers, junior water resources major and president of the club, said, “350 Stevens Point is currently planning on sending people to the People’s Climate March in D.C. as well as marches that are happening the week prior in many large cities across the United States.”

Meyers expressed his belief that the People’s Climate March is incredibly relevant and important to many of the issues being discussed in the White House currently.

Combining a presidential administration which denies anthropogenic climate change and new studies which show trends towards rising temperatures results in backlash from environmental groups.

Angela Adrar, executive director of Climate Justice Alliance, said, “Now is the time to fight for climate justice as it is key to our liberation and justice for all. Defenders of water, land, air, food, our bodies and homes will unite across struggles to grow the resistance.”

People are pushing back, and raising awareness to the issue with actions like the Climate March.

With average global temperatures rising every year, many climate action groups around the country are planning on working together in order to bring high attendance to the People’s Climate March in D.C. this April.
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