Music Review: Punch by Autoheart
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Music Review: Punch by Autoheart

Autoheart , a lively band, is one that you should take a look into.

As an indie-pop band based out of London, they will pump you up and relax you with their debut album “Punch.”

This album mixes it up with energetic, bright songs and slower, melodic piano pieces. Their sound is similar to Coldplay and a more relaxed version of Panic! At the Disco, but they compete in their own way.

The opening song on the album, “Anniversary,” kicks off the fast paced songs.

The track begins with a pulsing beat that is carried throughout the song and the vocalist’s voice floats above the thriving beat. Piano doubles the driving beat, giving more volume to it.

Lyric wise, the song talks about the protagonist professing their love to someone. The lyrics claim “Giving you up? Why would I ever do a thing like that?” This song has a happy vibe and it shows that no matter what the protagonist faces, they would never give up on their significant other.

The fourth song on the album, “Agoraphobia,” switches from high paced beats, to the softer, melodic songs.

The track has a simple structure, with only piano, a quiet bass drum beat and vocals. At times, the lead vocalist layers his voice, creating a beautiful, yet haunting echo that goes well with the theme of this song.

The vocalist hints at being afraid of getting out of their comfort zone. Throughout the song, the protagonist tries to leave the house, but is continuously scared to leave, which ties well into the title.

What is creative about this track is when the vocalist gets to the lyric, “I really don’t wanna go anywhere.” With the layering, it sounds like the voices inside his head haunting him, constantly telling him he doesn’t want to go anywhere.

Towards the end of the album, “Santa Fe” keeps the driving beat that is throughout the album but also has a slower tempo.

The music is built up with piano chords and drums. This time, a tambourine is even layered in.

The song has a mysterious feel to it, making you want to listen to where the song will be going.

Lyric wise, it has a similar theme to “Anniversary.” This track talks about giving yourself, heart and soul, to another at    Santa Fe.

Overall, this album will give listeners a wild roller coaster of fast-paced, pumped-up songs. It will also slow you down, make you think and enjoy the lyrics in the melodic pieces.

With a beat that keeps you tapping your foot, there really isn’t a reason not to check Autoheart out.


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