BINGO Reaches New Audience On UWSP Campus
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BINGO Reaches New Audience On UWSP Campus

Over 30 students gathered on Feb. 10 to test their luck at the classic game of bingo.

Tess Tranel, junior music education major and travel leisure coordinator at Centertainment, developed the idea of grocery bingo for college students on a budget. She first came across the idea of “glorified bingo” after looking at previous events put on by the travel and leisure coordinator.

Glorified bingo did not appear appealing enough for college students, so Tranel and her co-worker worked to create practical prizes for college students and grocery bingo was born.

There were twelve prize bags with different food themes including Dinner for Two, Kindergarten Lunches, Movie Night, Baker Lover, Junk Food and Health Nut. Tranel was given a certain allotment to purchase the food for these prizes, but might search for donated grocery prizes in the future.

The appeal for this event was not so much the game bingo as it was the free food.

Isaiah George, senior psychology and religious studies majors was hoping to win a bag so that he and his roommate could make something to eat.

“I was pretty miserable sitting at home, but, ya know, thanks to grocery bingo, I’m here,” George said.

Centertainment is subsidized, meaning students pay to fund events on campus as part of tuition. Therefore, only students were able to win prizes.

One of the twelve winners was Abigail Voung, sophomore arts management major.

When asked what she will do now that she won grocery bingo, Voung said, “I’m going to eat my food.”

She won the junk food themed bag which included chips, soda and sweets among other things. Bingo has reached an entirely new demographic on the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point campus.

“I’m really surprised I won,” Voung said, “I never win anything.”

Grocery bingo gave all students who attended an equal chance to win, encouraged students to get out on a cold night and helped students who might not have a lot of money for groceries after the holidays.

Tranel is now planning Centertainment’s first trip. The mystery bus will leave at 7:45 am on March 4th to a mystery location. Students can sign up at the info and ticket desk in the DUC.


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