Gear Up for Love
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Gear Up for Love

Love is in the air! To some, the Valentine’s Day season is full of romance and passion, for others, it is everything but.

Love Guru Grant Edmonds crafted an umbrella of advice for every person in the “love”  mindset.

Edmonds is a certified relationship coach out of Indiana who has appeared on shows such as 7th Heaven and Drew Carey.

Single, engaged, dating, married, divorced: Edmonds “Love Gears” lecture, based off of his book, compared the dating scene to a well-running car.

Paulette Salazar, club variety coordinator for Centertainment Productions and communications and public relations major, organized this Centertainment event.

“It was Valentine’s Day inspired,” Salazar said. “People love love.”

The energy from the crowd filled the room with buzzing voices until the lights dimmed to introduce Edmonds.

Edmonds asked the crowd who is excited for Valentine’s Day and their response was abysmal.

“There is something for everyone here,” Edmonds said, “Even for singles!”

The crowd soon loosened up to the animated Edmonds and before long laughter was rolling out of the Encore.

When talking about relationships Edmonds said to focus on you first.

“You cannot have a successful relationship when your needs aren’t being met,” Edmonds said.

The advice was simple to follow with the continual analogy of cars and relationships. Edmonds used a car to explain that preventative measures are important in vehicles and relationships.

As an interactive lecturer, Edmonds posed questions such as, why do car owners change their oil?

It is the same reason any person who wishes to have a successful relationship needs to renew their wants and needs.

This event was far more than a lecture. It was truly an interactive and inspirational seminar on love.

Participants had the ability to shout out answers to Edmonds’ own questions on stage, along with games like the newlywed game. In the game one male is blindfolded, in this case the blindfold was Edmonds’ old sweatpants, and then he blindly asks a panel of ladies different questions to find his perfect match.

Participants were asked to stand up based on their relationship status. The audience was also encouraged to share their fears and hopes for current or upcoming relationships.

Students from all backgrounds came out for the event, some made it a date and others came as lone wolves.

Kim Schliep, sophomore arts management major said, “honestly I’m single and ready to mingle. I’m hoping to at least get a few laughs from the show.”

Undeniably, everyone in the Encore was looking for some advice to make love a little easier.

“It’s something fun and different,” said Keaten Galezio, senior music education major.

As Valentine’s Day passes ,the advice from Edmonds will remain true as students at UWSP continue to venture forward either looking for a hand or holding one.


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