Album Review: The Lonely Forest Features A Bass Beat in a Silent Forest
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Album Review: The Lonely Forest Features A Bass Beat in a Silent Forest

“Adding Up the Wasted Hours” is an exciting album with solid rock beats featuring The Lonely Forest. This album will help listeners jam the night away or provide some exciting studying music.

Coming out of Washington, the indie pop band will have you grooving to their beats.

At the beginning of the album, “Lovric’s” will get you pumped up with a fast-paced song.

The track opens with the band layering their instruments up: keyboard with percussion rim shots, then guitars. By the pre-chorus, they all come together and start getting into the groove.

This song talks about the giddiness of being in love and the general sense of feeling speechless or in awe of your significant other.

It is a short song, only lasting about 3 minutes and 10 seconds long. It ends with fading voices, which leads the listener into the next track.

“Neon Never Changes,” the fifth song on the album, contrasts the giddy, grooving feel of the album with an eerie opening. Beginning  with an echoing keyboard synthesizer riff, the listener is sent into an outer space vibe. This theme continues throughout the track.

A heavy bass beat interjects throughout the song until the second verse when everything continues at the same time.

This song is significantly different from “Lovric’s.” This song depicts darker, sadder tones about being alone and the outer space sounds pair nicely with the hollow lyrics.

Towards the end, “Lavender Dress” will calm listeners down and soothe them back into a relaxing state.

As one of the more relaxing songs on the album, it is also quite short, lasting just above 40 seconds.

The band uses only an acoustic guitar and gentle strums fill the air as their voices float above it. The voices eventually meet in harmonization about halfway through the track.

When the guitar cuts out, a very slow, quiet crescendo of haunting music comes through, finishing out the song and pushing right into the next song, “Warm/Happy.”

This song brings back the happy tones from the beginning of the album and leaves the listener less haunted.

Filled with solid beats, The Lonely Forest will have you rocking out with them and their indie pop sounds. With a wide variety of lyrics and similar rock beats throughout, you’ll enjoy yourself with this band.


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