Softball Team is Ready to Step up to the Plate
Softball season is right around the corner. Photo courtesy of

Softball Team is Ready to Step up to the Plate

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point softball team started practice in late January and is working hard to kick-off what they hope will be a successful season.

Paige Allen, junior outfielder, is entering the season with the hopes of becoming an all-conference player.

According to Allen, in order to prepare for the season, last semester the team took advantage of open gym opportunities and got together to lift. As an upperclassman, Allen does her best to lead by example.

“I try to show more of what we are supposed to do rather than tell. If I see someone struggling with something I definitely try to take them under my wing and help them out,” Allen said.

Allen admitted that in the past there have been some struggles that the team has had to overcome.

“I think team-wise we have had some riffs off the field, where we don’t totally get along and I think that has come on the field sometimes,” Allen said.

Despite some of the struggles the team has faced, Allen said that the players do a good job of listening to one another. The team’s listening skills will come in handy when they play UW-Whitewater, a team that Allen considers to be tough competition.

Katie Uhlenbrauck, junior third baseman, has made it her goal to become more vocal and helpful this season. In the past Uhlenbrauck has struggled with time management.

“I think just like trying to stay positive and roll with the punches. Some bad things might happen but just trying to overcome that and continue to stay positive when things don’t go your way,” Uhlenbrauck said.

In high school, Uhlenbrauck played shortstop and admitted that it took some time for her to get used to her new position.

“Third base is now something I am comfortable at and it seems like my home now,” Uhlenbrauck said.

Head coach Ashley Steltenpohl promotes the philosophy that anyone from freshman to seniors can be a leader on the team.

“My first year being here, conference coaches would come up to me and have said that Point is now again a force to be reckoned with. We have shown as the years have gone that we can compete with each team, whether or not we come out on the winning side of it that we can compete,” Steltenpohl said.

Steltenpohl is looking forward to the season and the possibility of the team competing in the conference tournament this season. The first game of the season will be against Calvin College on Feb. 24.


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