CNR Dean Joins the Conservation Hall of Fame
Dean of the CNR, Christine Thomas. Photo courtesy of the College of Natural Resources.

CNR Dean Joins the Conservation Hall of Fame

Wisconsin’s Conservation Hall of Fame will be adding a member of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point family this April.

Christine Thomas, dean of the College of Natural Resources, will be inducted to the Conservation Hall of Fame along with Hugh Iltis and Milly Zantow.

Thomas’s induction is attributed to her hard work in natural resources by not only serving as dean for the College of Natural Resources, but also developing the international program, Becoming an Outdoors Woman.

Becoming an Outdoors Woman is a non-profit organization offering women opportunities to learn hunting, fishing, camping and other outdoor skills.

Thomas’s other accomplishments include her service under the George W. Bush administration on the Sporting and Conservation Council as well as serving as the Chair of the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board for three years.

Thomas expressed that as her time as the dean, she has been most proud of her work in furthering the reputation of UWSP as a natural resources school.

“Getting into the hall of fame is not an achievement, it is a recognition of achievement,” said Thomas.

Thomas stated she was surprised at being given the award at this stage in her life. Most of the inductees in the hall of fame were given the award at the end of their careers, and Thomas still has plans to continue her work in the natural resources field.

“I would tell you it’s a little overwhelming, because there are so many wonderful conservationists that are heroes in our world that have already been inducted into the hall of fame,” said Thomas.

The Hall of Fame is located in the visitor center of Schmeeckle Reserve and was created to permanently recognize the people who have made outstanding contributions in resource management.

Over 90 other leaders in resource management have been recognized in the Hall of Fame including Aldo Leopold and Sigurd Olson.

Thomas is excited to receive this award, but she said her work for conservation is far from over.

“I think there is a lot left to achieve. I have lots of things that I want to do and I hope I get a chance to contribute my whole life,” said Thomas.

The Sentry Theater will host the induction ceremony of Thomas, Iltis and Zantow on Apr. 22 at 10 a.m.


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