Local Bands Gain Experience in the Basement
Dre Bates performing in a basement party. Photo provided by Dre Bates

Local Bands Gain Experience in the Basement

Artists David Lawrence and Jacob Ramsey, longtime best friends, are part of the hard rock band known as Jaded Living.

Lawrence, a former University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point student, moved from Illinois to Stevens Point to pursue music and attend college. Lawrence plays the drums and is a member of two bands. Lawrence describes the other band he plays for, Soul Symmetry, as a blues-funk band.

Though Lawrence and his bandmates have played at venues, many UWSP students are familiar with their sound from the shows that they play in basements. Lawrence said that he has performed at houses in Stevens Point on Stanley St., College Ave. and Briggs St.

“Some of my favorite shows that I play are in basements because it’s so intimate and people are jam packed in there,” Lawrence said.

He said that the basement shows are enjoyable because of the high energy and loud cheering. Some of the ways that the basement shows are promoted is through word of mouth and the creation of Facebook events.

“I’m hoping in general that we can expand throughout the state and throughout the country, but you have to start somewhere and practicing in basements the energy is huge,” Lawrence said.

At the end of April, Soul Symmetry will be playing in the Encore at the Dreyfus University Center.

“I know it’s a struggle and it’s a hard industry but I’m going to work hard to get my band on a good path,” Lawrence said.

Ramsey, also a former UWSP student, dropped out of college to pursue a career in music. Ramsey has been playing the guitar since age 13 and plays the instrument for Jaded Living.

Ramsey admits that there can be struggles performing in basements because of the physical limitations. Like Lawrence, Ramsey is hoping that the band’s opportunities will increase.

The band does not usually charge for basement shows, but they do receive compensation for playing at bars.

“My hope is that it will eventually increase with the potential popularity that might ensue from shows in the future,” Ramsey said.

Having formed this past summer, the band is young. Despite the age of the band, Ramsey believes that the music they make is massively appealing.

Ramsey said, “A lot of us are broke, dropouts, or still in college. But we are trying to achieve this dream by essentially living the dream.”


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