It’s About Who You Know: PRSSA Hosts Networking Social
PRSS of America networking social in the DUC Legacy room. Photo by Nomin Erdenebileg

It’s About Who You Know: PRSSA Hosts Networking Social

Most jobs are a secret, meaning 80 percent of jobs never get posted and are found through Networking.

Some students at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point understood landing a job can truly be about who you know. Approximately 60 professionals and students met on March 15 for the first Networking Social, hosted by Public Relations Student Society of America.

PRSSA is a “professional organization driven to advance students’ knowledge and application of public relations, marketing and advertising.” They work to provide UWSP students an opportunity to apply their skills in these areas and connect them with professionals in the community.

Chloe Wiersma, senior communications major and president of PRSSA, mentioned the organization serves all different types of students.

“It’s not just about public relations. There’s all different types of jobs that we can connect you with,” Wiersma said. “We want to bring those professionals in and see what we can do for students and what they can do for students.”

The social was an open invitation to all professionals in the area including previous speakers and connections of PRSSA. The organization wanted to help professionals build their career and strengthen connections with potential speakers as well.

Greg Wright, executive director of Create Portage County, was excited to attend the social because it would help excite students to look at job opportunities close by instead of graduating and leaving the area.

Create Portage County is an arts advocacy organization that aims to make creativity central to community development, economic growth and quality of life. Their three goals are to promote creative placemaking, support people who create and to grow creative arts and entertainment experiences. They support public art through the sculpture park, downtown murals and the Orange Barrell Art Tour.

“I think one of the things that we like about an event like this is to communicate what’s happening in the community to students on campus,” Wright said. “To make them aware of professional opportunities there are in this community as well as just what the community is like off campus.”

Wright was excited and successful in networking with students specifically about volunteer opportunities with Create Portage County in event planning, running events and promotion in the community.

“We now have more than enough people interested that could fit the roles that we have in the organization.

At Create Portage County, Wright mentioned he consistently looks for opportunities to give UWSP students real world experience aligning with the work they do.

Kristin Johnson, senior arts management major, attended the event to get plugged in with students, professionals and members in the community.

“It’s always good to have people that have your back and who are going to encourage and support you and the only way they can do that is if you have a network,” Johnson said. “People always know things you don’t know, they can get you an in.”

She encourages other students to prioritize networking, even if difficult.

“You have to work at it. It doesn’t just fall into your lap,” Johnson said. “You have to make an effort to meet people and to introduce yourself and put yourself out there, it’s not just going to happen.”

PRSSA meets every Wednesday 5-6 in the Legacy room at the Dreyfus University Center.


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