Light the Fuse: NowHere Design Conference
Keynote speaker Alex Center, a Brooklyn-based designer working for The Coca-Cola Company. Photo provided by Alex Center

Light the Fuse: NowHere Design Conference

NowHere is an annual graphic design conference held at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

The conference will take place on Friday, March 31 and Saturday, April 1. with a variety of events. Presentations will be given by alumni and professional designers. The conference also organizes workshops.

All presentations are free to the public. Weekend pass tickets to the workshops are $25 for non-American Institute of Graphic Arts members and $10 for members.

The NowHere conference, sponsored by The AIGA student chapter, began in 2005, but each year features its own theme. This year’s theme is “Light the Fuse.”

Taylor McCumber, junior graphic design major, is an officer of AIGA and one of the students organizing the event.

“The theme refers to flames being a kick starter and how we want to start our careers and the presenters’ inspiration will help light a fuse,” McCumber said.

While the workshops will provide hands-on experience to participants, the presentations are designed to bring in real-world application to the concepts students are learning.

“The presenters were once students here, and now they’re out there being successful,” Kelsey Schnedier, junior graphic design major, said.

One of the speakers presenting on Friday will be Ryan Quade, alumnus and senior graphic designer and art director at Affirm Agency. The other is Kylee Hawkinson, alumna and design associate at Fast Horse.

The keynote speaker on Saturday will be Alex Center, a Brooklyn-based designer working for The Coca-Cola Company. Saturday’s presentations will also include two alumni presentations from Mackenzie Kavanagh and Lanea Zagrzebski.

This year’s conference combines previous conferences of NowHere and Real World into one.

“We’re trying to make it as big as possible to bring in as many different students from other campuses and people from the community to get a taste of what our world is like,” McCumber said.

In addition to increasing the scale of the conference this year, the officers tried to make the environment more inclusive for everyone interested in design.

“A lot of us felt intimidated as freshman and seeing this put on,” McCumber said. “Our goal this year is to make it so any level, any age can feel comfortable coming.”

NowHere is an excellent opportunity for graphic design students as well as anyone with an interest in design to learn more about the field and its real-world applications.

Alicia Bachmann, junior graphic design major, said, “The conference is a good way to get insight into the real world and get experience. Even if you’re not a designer, there’s a benefit.”

Registration for the event is located at the University & Ticketing Office in the Dreyfus University Center.


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