Look Both Ways For New Album By Olivia Millerschin
Olivia Millerschin performs an emotional "I Can Say" during her intimate show Saturday night. Photo by Ross Vetterkind

Look Both Ways For New Album By Olivia Millerschin

Invited back to the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point after two years, Olivia Millerschin brought her meaningful lyrics, colorful melodies and positive personality, showcasing her newest album, Look Both Ways.

Millerschin writes songs about personal experience and the experiences of those she is close to.

In Look Both Ways, the song Ellie was inspired from an article her mom read in the New York Times about a man who died and left everything he owned to his fiance. Millerschin was moved from this beautiful and interesting love story enough to write a song about it.

She also explained it was time for another album and wanted to release songs that reflected how she had developed as a musician and person.

In addition to singing and songwriting, Millerschin plays ukulele, guitar and piano. She also solo gigs or performs with her full band.

The night before performing at UWSP, Millerschin was in New York and drove 17 hours to perform solo at the DUC Encore.

Nevertheless, Millerschin’s positivity and personability were reflected as she engaged with her audience, asking for requests of what they wanted to hear.

When asked what she wanted her audience to gain from her performance, she responded, “I hope they walk away feeling a little bit better about the day. I hope they just walk away feeling a little bit lighter.”

Millerschin describes her music and self with one word: hope.

“I always try to find the light side to any sort of situation, so that’s what I try to make come across in my music and my life,” Millerschin said.

She looks to her mom, Erin, as a role model. Erin Millerschin has attended hundreds of her daughter’s performances for support and encouragement.

“Her music is a reflection of who she is,” Erin Millerschin said. “I would like her to just continue doing something she loves and that she’s good at and that she can make a living at.”

Olivia Millerschin has a solid support system from her parents, sister and band mates because there is always someone attending a show with her.

Even students who had never heard of Olivia attended her performance on April 1 such as Sarah Zingelman, freshman elementary education major.

“It’s just cool to see new things and to get a new perspective on what people do for a living or what they like to do,” Zingelman said.

Olivia Millerschin’s passion stems from her classical training in opera since she was 7 years old. Her musical passion was accelerated after attending a summer program in Michigan and shortly after she played in coffee shops

She has won a John Lennon Songwriting Award, was a quarter-finalist on America’s Got Talent and has songs featured in national and indie movies and TV shows.

After auditioning for the National Association of Campus Activities, Millerschin has been invited to perform at nearly 100 US colleges and a myriad of venues including Radio City Music Hall, Detroit’s Fox Theater, City Winery in Chicago, Atlanta and NYC.

She has toured internationally with Sawyer Fredericks, Howie Day, Tyler Hilton, Ryan Cabrera and Orla Gartland.

She performs almost 300 shows a year, all scheduled through connections and networking at other shows. Going forward, she hopes to continue performing and affecting others with her music, but on a larger scale.


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